2.9 Giving Feedback to Students

Academic Policy Committee determines the minimum standards of assessment feedback that should be provided to students.

The purpose of providing assessment feedback to students is two-fold:

  1. So that the students can understand why they were allocated a specific grade or score;
  2. To support their on-going learning by providing feedback, this helps them to keep track of their progress and understand how they can improve.

The baseline minimum standard of feedback issued to students should be the same as what faculty submit to the external examiner.

It is recognised that faculty can face increasingly excessive demands for feedback from students and that the precise mode of available feedback can vary significantly from course to course.  Therefore, to avoid being too prescriptive, Academic Policy Committee has established a number of key principles to act as a guide for faculty.

Examples of Feedback

Examples of approved minimum assessment feedback standards are as follows:

  • Answer key or model answers;
  • Case teaching note (in incidences of case-based exams);
  • Answer guide explaining how the paper was marked which outlines a grading criteria;
  • Sharing of the "best" exam answer (with student permission and anonymised);
  • General class/group feedback which outlines common errors/successes.
Return of Exam Scripts

School policy
School policy is that, as we are not required to, and to ensure consistency across courses, faculty are actively encouraged not to return examination scripts to students.  This applies to all mid-term and final examinations.

Process for students wishing to view exam scripts
For students who fail a course, their exam scripts are scanned by the Assessment team and passed on to the relevant Programme Office.  The Programme office contact all students who have failed before grades are released to the class. The Programme Office meet with each of the failed students so they can view their scripts with the feedback from faculty which advises what they need to do to retrieve the fail.  The scanned scripts should not be given to the students to take away nor should soft copies be provided.

The viewing of other exam scripts is allowed only upon faculty’s request.  The Assessment team will email a scan of the script to faculty.  It is recommended that faculty review these scripts with the students.  As above, scanned copies of the scripts should not be given to the students to take away, nor should soft copies be provided.

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