2.2 Requirements to Pass a Course
Requirements to Pass

To successfully pass a Core, Tailored Core or Elective Course, students are required to achieve the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 50% overall; and
  • A minimum of 50% across the weighted average of individual assessment component/s excluding class participation; and
  • Satisfy any attendance requirements where applicable

In cases where all of the requirements have been satisfied, the course will be recorded as passed.  Students will not be permitted to re-take any of the assessment components of the course to achieve a higher mark and overall grade.

Academic Judgement

Academic judgement is defined by the School as the considered application of academic expertise in the assessment and grading of a student’s academic work.  The academic judgement of faculty is final and may not be challenged by students.

The School will not consider Academic Appeals from students against academic judgement - any appeals that are received will be dismissed.

However, in instances where there is evidence of an administrative or calculation error with the final grade, students can raise this via the Academic Appeal process.

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