1.5 Global Experience Courses
Arrangements for 2023/24


In April 2023, Academic Policy Committee approved the following arrangements for the 2023/2024 academic year:

  • The temporary suspension of global experiences will cease at the end of the 2022/23 academic year. Thereafter, global experiences will revert to being a mandatory requirement for all programmes except MiF for the 2023/24 academic year onwards.
  • The retrieval assessment will be permanently removed from Global Experience Courses (except in the circumstance detailed below). Students who fail a Global Experience will be required to complete an 11-credit Elective Course to replace the credits.
Final Grades

Final grades are determined by the faculty member, with the maximum amount of High Pass grades permitted for a single course capped at a maximum of 50%.

High Pass = ≤ 50%

Pass / Fail / DNS = ≥ 50%


Limited Circumstances Only - Retrievals

In limited circumstances, a retrieval may be provided for a student enrolled onto a Global Experience Course if the following conditions are met:

  • The School Panel approves an EC request to withdraw from a Global Experience Course, which is the result of a visa or travel complications*; AND
  • The Experiential Learning Team are unable to accommodate the student on an alternative Global Experience taking place before the scheduled end of the programme; AND
  • The Programme Director confirms there are no other Electives Courses that the student can be enrolled onto and complete before the scheduled end date of the programme; THEN
  • The Experiential Learning Team will arrange for the student to complete a retrieval assessment in lieu of completing a Global Experience Course or an Elective Course.

*These arrangements do not apply to students who receive EC approval for other types of reasons (e.g. illness, broken leg, work emergency).

As per the existing arrangements at the School:

  • The retrieval assessment will be set by the faculty responsible for the Global Experience Course the student would have attended.
  • The retrieval assessment be graded on a pass/fail basis.
  • Students who do not pass the retrieval will receive a fail grade for the course which will be displayed on the transcript as is normal practice with Electives Courses.