1.3 Class Participation

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID on normal School operations, the following arrangements will continue for the Spring and Summer 2021 terms.

  • The assessment of class participation is not permitted.
  • Faculty should continue to encourage participation as a non-assessed activity.
School Policy

A maximum of 20% of a course's total assessment may be assessed by class participation.  Faculty who wish to include a weighting for class participation higher than 20% are required to contact the Head of Quality Assurance.

Assessing Class Participation

Whilst the precise measurement techniques may vary from course to course to reflect the course's content and structure, the central focus will always be on the quality of a student's contribution rather than the quantity. This focus on quality ensures that all students benefit from the classroom experience and all have an opportunity to contribute.

Attendance and Class Participation

Attendance in class cannot be used as a method of assessment.  However, marks for class participation can only be awarded if the student is present and actively participating - no allowances will be made for absences irrespective of whether there are good reasons or extenuating circumstances.

Course Syllabus and Record Keeping

The course syllabus on Canvas should illustrate how class participation will be graded. This would include the types of contribution that could receive a positive grade and what could attract a negative adjustment to the grade (this may include points around ‘class behaviour’ i.e. lateness, laptop use, etc).

Faculty must keep auditable records of class participation.  These records would not be auditable by students themselves, but would give faculty and Programme Offices an additional level of protection when dealing with disputes.

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