2.1 Grade Curve


In February 2022, Academic Policy Committee and Management Board agreed to adopt a single grade curve to determine final grades for all core courses and electives courses. The existing elective grade curve will become the grade curve for all core courses and elective courses from Autumn 2023.

The new arrangement gives faculty greater freedom to determine where the boundaries for grades should be set within the class. Faculty are permitted to award:

  • a maximum of 10% A+ grades.
  • a maximum of 50% of A+ and A grades (combined).
  • a minimum of 50% of B, C, F, and DNS grades (combined).
Application of the Grade Curve
  • Separate assessment components are given a numerical score, which are combined to provide an overall numerical score for the course. The overall numerical score is then converted to an alphanumeric grade, and assigned based on the overall relative position in the cohort.
  • For Core Courses (including MBA Tailored Core Courses) taught concurrently, all streams in the cohort will be graded using one grade curve.
  • For Elective Courses, streams of the same elective course taught concurrently by the same faculty member and using the same assessment methods may have the grade curve applied across all streams.
  • If more than 10% of the class has not completed the course, the grade curve will not be applied until the students have taken any outstanding assessments. Provisional results may be released to those students who have attempted the assessment on a pass/fail basis only.
Grade Curve: Elective Courses (and Core Courses from AUT23)
Letter Grade Proportion in class
A+ ≤ 10% 50%
B Remainder ≥ 50%

Please note that failure is absolute; faculty are not forced to fail students.

'Did Not Study (DNS)' grades:

  • DNS grades are only applicable to Elective Courses.
  • Students who fail to attend any sessions and fail to submit any assessments for an Elective Course they are enrolled on will receive a “Did Not Study” (DNS) grade.
Grade Curve: Core Courses (ending SUM23)
Letter Grade Proportion in class
A+ 10%
A 40%
B 40%
C 10%

Please note, failure is absolute; faculty are not forced to fail students.  A first-sitting Fail grade is recorded as F* for administrative purposes.  

Global Experiential Courses Grading Arrangements

Final grades are determined by the faculty member, with the maximum amount of High Pass grades permitted for a single course capped at a maximum of 50%.

  • High Pass = ≤ 50%
  • Pass / Fail / DNS = ≥ 50%
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