Board of Examiners

2.12 Board of Examiners

Boards of Examiners are chaired by the Chief Examiner, currently Professor Joao Cocco, who is appointed by the Dean of the School, and comprised of external examiners and internal examiners nominated by the School’s subject areas.  The Chief Examiner has the authority to act on behalf of a Board of Examiners when necessary.

The School has two Boards of Examiners: MBA and MSc/MRes degrees.  The award of MPhil and PhD degrees are not considered by the Boards.

The remit of a Board of Examiners is to:

  • Consider the award of degree report and approve awards to students.
  • Note and, where appropriate, consider requests to continue beyond the normal duration and interruptions of studies.
  • Approve the withdrawal of students from the programme.
  • Have regard to matters of consistency across programmes leading to the award of degree.
  • Ensure the consistent application of the programme regulations.

The Board is supported by Ryan Dunn, Senior Assessment Manager.

Faculty Attendance at Board of Examiners

Boards of Examiners take place in:

  • February (MSc & MBA)
  • May (MBA)
  • July (MBA)
  • September (MSc & MRes)

Faculty who teach on the core programme will need to be available to attend as an internal examiner for their respective programme.  Internal examiners are appointed by virtue of their status as teaching faculty of the School who have taught core courses of the programme for which the degree is being awarded, or have been nominated by their Subject Area Chair to attend on behalf of the subject area.  Visiting, research and adjunct faculty who teach courses are also deemed to be internal examiners.

It is the role of the internal examiners to make academic decisions as required by the Board.  It is the role of the external examiners to verify the decisions and provide examples of practice from their own institutions where appropriate.

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