1.2 Assignments

The administration of assignments for all courses are organised by the relevant Subject Area.

Types of Assignment

Written assignments can be individual or group and are predominantly submitted online via Canvas.  Canvas is also fully integrated with Turnitin in order to help identify possible academic misconduct (see Section 2.10 Dealing with Academic Misconduct)

Reviewing and Approving the Exam

Accuracy, Proofreading and Errors
Subject Area staff will manage the logistics for assignments; however, you are responsible for ensuring that the assignment is aimed at the right level for the students.

It is critical that you have a strong system for checking that your assignment, and any associated data that students are provided with, are correct.  The onus for correct assignments lies solely with faculty.

Please ensure that students are adequately briefed on the assignment in advance of the submission date.

External Examiner review of assignments
The External Examiner reviews the major assignment or exam paper for a course to confirm that the assessment is aimed at the right level for master’s students. The Assessment Manager will send the assignment or exam instructions, model answer, marking scheme, solutions, etc plus any other relevant documents, to the External Examiner. External Examiners do not proof-read assignments or exam papers - it is faculty responsibility to ensure accuracy and that there are no typos.

Deadlines for submitting assignments to External Examiners
External Examiners are given 10 working days to review assignments.  To give enough time for this review and for faculty to consider the External Examiners’ comments and make any changes, the assignment should be submitted well in advance of the date it is going to be released to students.

Submitting Work Online

Details of the arrangements for submitting work online and submission deadlines must be specified in the course syllabus on Canvas.  Students are responsible for following these instructions - failure to do this will result in their work not being marked and/or awarded a mark of zero.

Students are expected to submit their work before the deadline (e.g. if the deadline is 17:00, the submission must be completed by 16:59:59 at the latest).  Work that is submitted on or after the deadline will be penalised if late submissions are permitted, or receive a mark of zero if late submissions are not permitted (see Section 2.5 Marking Late Submissions).

Technical failure (e.g. of a computer, browser or internet connection) is not a valid reason to extend a deadline or for the late submission of work.  The School will only consider making exceptions if i) there was a failure of the School’s IT systems, and ii) the student contacted the Course Administrator as soon as possible after becoming aware of the issue.

Students are also expected to ensure they submit the correct file and that their file is not corrupted or unreadable.  No amendments or re-submissions will be permitted after the deadline and files submitted in error or that are corrupted/unreadable will receive a mark of zero.

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