2.5 Marking Late Submissions
Late Submissions Policy

Students are expected to submit all assessments for marking by the deadline stated in the course syllabus, therefore late submissions are not be permitted.

At their discretion however, faculty may allow late submissions beyond the stated deadline. When late submissions are allowed, the following penalties will be applied:

Type Time period Reduction (for the assessment)
Penalty 1 Up to 48 hours late 20% of total marks available
Penalty 2 Up to 96 hours late 40% of total marks available
Penalty 3 Over 96 hours late Fail

The penalty periods are fixed and will not be adjusted for assessments that are submitted before the 48 or 96 hour deadline.

The applied penalty will be calculated based on the total marks available for the assessment and not based on the score achieved by the student.  For example, if the assessment is worth 100 marks in total, a flat 20 or 40 marks will be automatically deducted from the score achieved by the student; if the assessment is worth 80 marks in total, a flat 16 or 32 marks will be automatically deducted. If, when applied, the penalty results in the student failing the assessment and/or the course and/or the programme, the grade will stand.

Assessments that are submitted more than 96 hours after the stated deadline will not be marked and students are not entitled to individual feedback.

Late Submissions for Retrieval Assessments
The late submission policy does not apply to retrieval assessments. These are graded on a pass/fail basis, and must be submitted by the deadline - no additional time will be granted. Failure to submit the retrieval assessment on time will result in the assessment being awarded a fail grade.
Change to a Submission Deadline

In some circumstances faculty may agree to change/extend the submission date for a take-home assignment for the entire class.  Such changes need to be agreed with the relevant Programme Office and the Assessment team. Course information in Canvas needs to be properly updated and the class notified of the change.

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