2.8 Releasing Grades to Students

Faculty must not release final letter grades (for either core or electives) to students directly – this is managed by the Assessment team following the required internal and external checks.

Core and Elective Courses

Students receive a notification from the Assessment team when their grade is viewable on the online transcript. The notification, published as an announcement in Canvas, contains aggregate statistics for the class including minimum, maximum, average, median and standard deviation for all assessment components and the final numerical score. The Assessment team will also unmute the main individual assignment scores, and any other unreleased scores, in the Canvas gradebook so that students can see their mark for each assessment component.

In instances where students fail a core or elective course, the Assessment team will advise the relevant Programme Office of the fail and will delay grades-release to the class until they receive confirmation from the Programme Office that the failed students have been informed.

As School policy is that we are not required to return exam scripts to students, and to ensure consistency across courses, faculty are actively encouraged not to do so. This applies to all mid-term and final examinations.

For students who fail a core course, their exam scripts are scanned by the Assessment team and passed on to the relevant Programme Office. They meet with each of the failed students so they can view their scripts with the feedback from faculty which advises what they need to do to retrieve the fail.  The scanned scripts should not be given to the students to take away nor should soft copies be provided.

For students who fail an elective, the Programme Offices will liaise with the relevant Subject Area to arrange for the failed students to view their scripts/assignments.

The viewing of other exam scripts is allowed only upon faculty’s request.  The Assessment team will email a scan of the script to faculty.  It is recommended that faculty review these scripts with the students. As above, scanned copies of the scripts should not be given to the students to take away, nor should soft copies be provided.

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