MBA Pre-Programme
Preparing our students for their MBA and enabling them to succeed.

Audience: MBA Students

This new suite of digital programmes was built for the start of the academic year 2017/2018. The courses are provided as preparatory learning for students before they arrive on campus. The first two subjects in the pre-programme suite were Accounting and Data Analytics. A Corporate Finance course will be added to the pre-programme suite at the start of the academic year 2018/2019.

These courses are the first learning touchpoints the student have with the School. They are designed as self-study modules to give everyone the same foundational knowledge, with no additional faculty or TA support provided.
The courses are responsive, so they work on tablets, laptops and smartphones alike.

As the course was self-study, we had to set expectations of what students had to do in each section and on each page. We also wanted consistency across the suite of courses, so we opted to frame the sections with different learning themes, e.g. key concepts explained, putting it into practice, share your thoughts etc. We also included quizzes and checkpoints to help them understand their progress.

Student feedback to date has been positive:
Students like this approach. 95% of those allocated the courses completed them both.
When asked, they said they saw benefits in the breadth of resources and activities they had to do, and they really liked the real-world examples we used to bring the subject to life.