LBS VR Learning Catalyst
Finalist for the Learning and Performance Institute, Learning Awards Innovation Award 2018

In order to explore how VR technology can be used to create meaningful learning experiences, we have developed a pilot project called the LBS VR Learning Catalyst in cooperation with SGIL (Serious Games International).
We selected the week-long format for Executive Education courses as an example scenario. A key stage on the last day of such an LBS programme involves reflecting on three ‘worlds’:

  • The past – perceptions and views held by participants prior to coming together
  • The present – current issues faced by participants in need of resolution
  • The future – visions of a better future and commitment to achieve goals

The assets that create such ‘worlds’ – words, pictures, reflections, video – are created over the course of a programme, but LBS wanted to explore how to recombine these in a more powerful manner. Our approach was initially to explore three key components in parallel.