What is it?

Zoom is a web conferencing platform that is used for audio and/or video conferencing.

How is it used?

Using Zoom is very simple. It does not require a paid subscription. If someone sets up a Zoom meeting and invites you, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the email to join the meeting. To start your  meeting you will need to sign up for a Zoom account which could be created for free.

Why use it?

Zoom is very easy to set up, use, and manage. It has a lot of capabilities which is why it is preferred by a lot of people. Specifically:

  • Accessibility (could be used by anyone very easily)
  • Multiple screen views
  • Flexible recording for meetings
  • Breakout rooms
  • Cross-device functionalities
  • Voice detection
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Technical Support
  • Convenient controls
  • Full Host Control (the host will have full control over the meeting, including who will the participants be, some preferences about the meeting, its’ data and time, and more)
  • Unique IDs for users
  • Take control function which allows participants to take over the screen of other participants and make direct edits in real-time
  • Cloud sharing
  • Zoom Webinars for hosting meetings with over 1,000 participants that cannot interfere with the meeting in any way
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Zoom Chat
  • Zoom Phone which can be used by any participant

Who is using it at London Business School?

It is used by several teams across London Business School.

How can I access it?

Please contact help@london.edu

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