What is it?

Volute is a social learning platform that bridges academics and industry. As a social streaming platform, it extends the value of executive and professional programs to alumni and all employees, through member subscriptions to micro-learning series.

How is it used?

Volute focuses on people, technology, and impact. Through digital means, it enables human mediation in the appropriate context and needs. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to uncover fruitful relationships that would otherwise be missed. Is about value from bridging academia and industry in a way that provides tangible outcomes.

In volute, you create a program that becomes an on-going learning series after the program ends. In that way, the platform enables community building among the participants, alumni, and corporations through their residual subscriptions.


Volute provides analytics on what is trending, who the influencers of the community are, what the members want, and new ways to keep them coming back and referring peers.

Why use it?

Because Volute:

  • turns educational content into reusable, collaborating building blocks
  • offers Interoperability across its applications
  • offers personalization at an organization level, group level, and level individual level
  • the educational programs created in Volute are valuable and functional within an educational program but also standalone utilities outside the traditional program scope

Who is using it at London Business School?

It is used by the Learning Innovation team

How can I access it?

Please contact Learning Innovation

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