What is it?

Thinqi is an easy to use learning management system that helps in the delivery of smarter learning and training at scale.

How is it used?

Thinqi is used as a Leaning Management system that supports SCROM packages and xAPI, has it’s own builder and activities for the creation and development of learning experiences. It manages a range of pedagogies to meet user needs, share resources, send assignments, and monitor progress. You can set smart workflows to set work and track progress.

Why use it?

  • easy to create, curate, organize, and find content
  • fully xAPI compliant that allows the delivery and tracking of formal and informal learning opportunities that provide insightful learning analytics
  • personalized learning experience
  • self directed learning through its digital library
  • offers the assignments option for prescribing formal tasks and identifying key learning trends

Who is using it at London Business School?

It is used by the Digital Learning and the Career Center.

How can I access it?

Please contact Digital Learning. Send Email