Professional Development Coaches for Faculty

London Business School provides opportunities and funding to help faculty develop themselves in their teaching and overall careers. Faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in professional development programmes, particularly in their early years at the School. Discussions about your professional development should be incorporated as part of your annual review with your subject area chair.

The School offers faculty a range of leadership, presentation and voice coaches. Each one has a different specialty as shown in their biographies; all of them have been used by LBS faculty in the past to great success.

  • Simon Bucknall
  • Andrea Kilpatrick
  • Ian Lock
  • Jenny Nemko
  • Clare Withycombe

The Professional Development budget will cover the cost of up to 10 sessions with a coach. If you would like to arrange a session, please contact the coaches directly.

For further information about these coaches or any other professional development opportunities, please contact Rachel Ramsey ( or Rebecca Court ( in the Research and Faculty Office.

Simon Bucknall
Public Speaking, Audience Engagement & Impact – with twice UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking
Whether you want to engage a challenging MBA class, speak with greater authority to academic colleagues or refine an upcoming TED talk, Simon Bucknall offers tailored, confidential, one-to-one coaching to suit. Simon has extensive experience coaching key decision-makers and thought leaders, from all over the world.

A frequent visitor to London Business School, Simon’s clients include General Electric, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Oxford’s Said Business School and Blavatnik School of Government, and Cambridge University’s Laing O’Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering & Technology. Simon holds degrees from Oxford University and SOAS, University of London.

Simon tailors his approach to meet individual needs. His sessions teach how to:

  • Project confidence, even if you don’t feel confident
  • Prepare your lectures/classes more swiftly and efficiently
  • Engage your audience right from the word ‘Go!’
  • Make your key messages stick
  • Bring your ideas to life through the spoken word
  • Master the art of high-impact storytelling
  • Handle (tough) Q&A with greater confidence and assurance
  • Hone a career-critical keynote talk/lecture
  • Differentiate yourself as an expert, through your public speaking

“Simon was great; probably the most helpful of all the coaches that I have had over the years.” Senior Faculty, LBS

To arrange a session with Simon, email:

Andrea Kilpatrick
Helping people make sustainable changes in behaviours and performance at work

Andrea is an experienced executive coach who has coached students, faculty and management at LBS over many years. She worked at the School as an in-house coach for the Executive MBA students from 2007-2011 and at Cranfield School of Management as an Associate Coach. She now has a busy and varied coaching practice, coaching senior and high-potential individuals across all sectors. She has a successful track record of coaching individuals undergoing a role transition — often to senior leadership or to a significant promotion. She helps high-achieving senior leaders build their confidence and resilience and task-focused leaders develop their softer skills.

Andrea is an accredited Senior Coach Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). As an executive coach, she has worked with a range of organisations including Burberry, Exane BNP Paribas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, PayPal, Barclays, UBS and Lloyds Banking Group.

Andrea holds an MSc in Career Management and Counselling from Birkbeck, University of London and an MA in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge.

“Andrea was attentive and gave no feeling of a cookie-cutter approach but genuinely listened to my circumstances. There was a consistency and thoughtfulness about our interactions. She was effective: Andrea worked with me and made me come to some very important realisations at a critical career juncture.” Senior Faculty, LBS

To arrange a session with Andrea, email:

Ian Locke
Developing conscious leadership

Ian is an experienced leadership consultant and coach who works from senior director level through many major organisations in the UK, Europe and across the world. He brings spontaneity and a high impact to all of his consultancy work. His focus and motivation derives from a passion to help leaders and their teams make powerful transformations to their leadership, effectiveness and ultimately their delivery.

He has been working in the field of leadership development since 1999. During this time he has worked with leaders in many organisations including Boots, GKN PLC, Unilever, Eon, Macmillan, UNICEF and widely across the Civil Service in DfE, MoD, DWP and DfiD.

He has a clear, proven and uncomplicated approach to leadership. One of his beliefs is that his role as a consultant is to help leaders take simple yet powerful ideas and apply them. It is this process of developing new insights and committing to new action which helps leaders to deliver results.

“Ian has made a real difference in the way that I engage in the workplace. He’s a great match for faculty in a top-tier institution interested in support with challenge, as he offers great perspective, and helps see what we might ordinarily miss. He engenders a broader reflection about life goals and how to achieve them, not just about career mechanics. He helps enhance impact and, ultimately, fun and satisfaction in the workplace. Highly recommended.” Senior Faculty, LBS

“I highly recommend Ian as a coach. He takes the time to understand people on a personal and professional level and therefore is able to really push them to step up as leaders. He is warm, personable, agile and respectful of confidentiality. He uses some very simple frameworks to help us stay on track.” Associate Dean, LBS

To arrange a session with Ian, email:

Jenny Nemko
Lecturing skills and voice coaching; Videocasting, Podcasting and TED Talks

Lecturer, speech consultant and BBC broadcaster, Jenny Nemko offers faculty one-to-one consultations and observes lectures to give feedback and advice. Jenny has recently worked with the British Voice Association in podcasting and offers faculty useful hints and tips on producing and delivering professional, effective communication. She offers guidance on:

  • Speaking with authority, interest and vocal range
  • Clear pronunciation and effective vocal delivery
  • Increasing class participation and managing discussion and questions
  • Making a positive impact in the classroom
  • Powerful body language
  • Clarity, tone, pace, pause, intonation
  • Recapping the key learning points
  • Interviewing and being interviewed for a podcast
  • Posture and breathing

"Jenny was a truly valuable source, full of great tips and techniques on classroom management, presentation skills, relaxation techniques and voice use among others. Particularly useful was having her sit in my MBA class and getting her very detailed feedback on what I did well and what I could change.” Faculty, LBS

“Jenny recognises how background and culture affect the spoken word and nurtures clear speaking whilst retaining accent and dialect. She encouraged me to update my teaching methods and to disseminate my research to a wider audience by helping me create teaching videos, TED Talks and podcasts, something that has been highly valued by my students.” UCL Innovation & Enterprise

To arrange a session with Jenny, email:

Clare Withycombe, ACC
Focusing on aspiring women leaders

I am an independent qualified executive coach specialising in talent development and women in leadership. My clients are typically senior and aspiring, often international leaders. I have a particular interest in working with women at critical times in their career to ensure they have the expertise and confidence to navigate through organisational challenges and opportunities to achieve career success.

Experience: Before qualifying as a coach, I was a senior operational manager with over 20 years international experience in the field of international education and culture. I first trained as a coach in 2000 and since then have delivered over 3000 hours of coaching to several hundred clients across Europe, the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. I coach across a variety of sectors including leading academic institutions, creative industries, non-governmental organisations and multinationals.

Coaching style and approach: Clients comment on my exceptional listening skills and also on my engaging but grounded and pragmatic approach to coaching. Clients can expect focused attention on their goals and support in developing their individual brand and authentic leadership style. Coaching typically includes a consideration of multiple issues to improve performance and enhance presence. Areas of focus include achieving work-life balance, developing personal brand, and improving presentation and communication techniques.

"The one unexpected benefit from this coaching was to increase my confidence at work and speaking up, this has made a huge difference"

To arrange a session with Clare, email: