What is it?

The LearnBrix Builder is a web-based tool that allows staff to create online learning pathways and activities within courses or programmes.

How is it used?

The LearnBrix Builder is designed to make content beautiful, with limited time and effort, and it automatically applies a consistent LBS brand. Staff do not need technical skills or knowledge of learning design to create a great piece of learning.

Individual, asynchronous, LearnBrix are built from pre-set content blocks that are dragged and dropped into place. They allow staff to structure a short experience around a specific learning or performance outcome. This could be a case study exercise, a piece of pre-work, or a self-contained piece of learning. A finished LearnBrix can easily be edited and reused as many times as needed.

At the moment, we have access to a collection of digital assets, like pre-recorded videos and case studies:

By using LearnBrix, we can easily create beautiful digital course outlines, pre-work, or pieces of microlearning:

Types of LearnBrix

When staff access the LBS LearnBrix Builder, they choose from 6 types of templates:

Each template will have all the content blocks they need, and their task will be to drag and drop them into position, change text, and replace the images/videos.

Guided templates contain a worked example with recommended content blocks and flow for each content type. Staff would simply edit the text to substitute the worked example with their own content, and delete the excess blocks.  Alternatively, they can use a blank template to design their own flow from the available pre-set content blocks.

Why use it?

The LearnBrix solution is intended to be used by faculty and anyone who creates organisational assets (e.g. timetables/course outlines)​ and assembles learning assets (e.g. puts a pre-recorded video and associated activity together as a Canvas task)​.

Further, by reusing existing assets through LearnBrix, there is a faster turnaround in the design and delivery of digital products that meet client demands and contexts. LearnBrix increases the reuse of digital assets, and improves return on the cost of development. It also reduces the amount of resources required for large scale deliveries, as the solution and its products can easily be adapted and scaled to fit any existing learning ecosystem. Through combining multiple pieces of microlearning, we gain the ability to build multiple bespoke learning pathways.

Who is using it at London Business School?

It is used across London Business School.

How can I access it?

Please contact Digital Learning.

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