What is it?

Engageli is an online inclusive digital learning platform that is used to create engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences.

How is it used?

As a comprehensive learning environment it is used in Higher Education, for Corporate Learning and Development, as well as Events and Conferences.

Why use it?

  • it is pedagogy based
  • promotes collaboration and peer to peer learning and meaningful discussions as it is based on active learning principles
  • engagement metrics to analyse learner participation based on attendance, hand raises, chat, poll, and qui responses
  • integrates polls and quizzes
  • it includes in app collaboration tools such as google docs or Miro whiteboards
  • offers interactive recordings
  • uses engagement metrics to offer bi-directional feedback
  • it’s secure and safe for learners ensuring their privacy
  • it is accessible

Who is using it at London Business School?

It is used by Executive Education.

How can I access it?

Please contact Digital Learning. Send Email