Lecture Recording

Scheduling a lecture recording

All lectures delivered in a lecture theatre will automatically be recorded using our Lecture Capture system, Mediasite. These recordings will be scheduled automatically. For virtual sessions you will need to schedule a Zoom Cloud recording and select 'import to mediasite' to take advantage of the improved workflow.

Zoom Scheduling guide

Editing and publishing a lecture recording

Depending on whether your session is Virtual or Hybrid there are slightly different processes to follow. Please read the guides below for guidance on this and watch the guide videos.

Hybrid lectures (London)

For lectures recorded on the Dubai campus please first follow the virtual guide

Hybrid Lectures record automatically using our Lecture Capture system Mediasite. They are automatically uploaded to a Faculty shared folder and should be ready to edit around 30 mins after a lecture has finished.

Lecture Editing and Publishing Guide

Please note the updated naming convention in section 4 of the Lecture Editing and Publishing Guide. 

1. Accessing Faculty Videos and editing recording details

2. Editing a recording in the Web Editor

3. Associating a video with a course


Virtual lectures and Dubai

Virtual Lectures are recorded in Zoom Cloud and automatically imported into a Faculty private folder. It is necessary to move these recordings from a Faculty folder to their shared folder to be able to progress to the edit and publish stage. Please note for a Zoom Cloud recording to be imported automatically the meeting scheduler must select 'import to mediasite' when scheduling the session in Zoom.

Please refer to Releasing a Virtual Lecture to Canvas to find out how to do this or view the below video.

If you have any issues with your recording please revert back to the manual upload process.

Accessing the management portal and moving a Zoom recording to a shared folder



Lecture recording FAQ