Lecture Recording

Lecture Recording

Scheduling a lecture recording

All lectures delivered in a London campus lecture theatre (excluding faculty who opt-out) will automatically be recorded using our Lecture Capture system, Mediasite. We call these recordings "classroom recordings".

Classroom recordings are scheduled to automatically start and stop based on the lecture start and end time; the recording automatically uploads to a faculty shared folder, accessible by the Faculty Videos tool in Canvas.

Please be aware the recording schedule does not automatically update with room changes. If the lectern touch panel and lecture theatre recording lights do not indicate recording in progress please contact AV support by phone on 7680.

For virtual and Dubai campus teaching sessions please ensure "import into mediasite" is selected in the Zoom meeting schedule. Zoom Scheduling guide

Editing and publishing a lecture recording

Depending on whether your session is Virtual or Classroom First there are slightly different processes to follow.

Classroom First lectures (London Campus)

Classroom First Lectures record automatically using our Lecture Capture system. They are automatically uploaded to a faculty shared folder, these should be available to edit within 15 minutes of the end of the teaching session.

Lecture Editing and Publishing Guide

An introduction to editing and publishing Classroom First recordings at London Business School

Publishing a Mediasite recording with Canvas Announcements

Courses with multiple streams within one Canvas course should not use Course Videos. In this case, please publish the recording as a Canvas Announcement.


Dubai Campus and Virtual Lectures

Virtual Lectures are recorded in Zoom Cloud and automatically imported into a faculty private folder. It is necessary to move these recordings from a private faculty folder to the faculty shared folder to be able to progress to the edit and publish stage. Please note for a Zoom Cloud recording to be imported automatically the meeting scheduler must select 'import to mediasite' when scheduling the session in Zoom.

Please refer to Releasing a Virtual Lecture to Canvas to find out how to do this or view the below video.

Accessing the management portal and moving a Zoom recording to a shared folder



Lecture recording FAQ