Tools in Canvas for Content Creation

Canvas is London Business School's LMS (Learning Management System). Faculty and staff use the system to distribute course information and materials as well as to interact with students and participants. Students use the system to interact with course materials, collaborate online and submit assessments.

Canvas integrates directly with a number of existing systems within the School, including:

  • The LBS Database
  • Action Learning for Executive Education
  • Bios and Profiles for Executive Education
  • Class List for Degree Education

Within the Canvas platform there are many different tools, categorised as follow:

  • Native Tools — part of the core Canvas release (e.g. Pages, Quizzes or Assignments)
  • LTI Tools — third-party software tools or plug-ins that integrate directly (e.g. single sign-on)
  • Add-ons — external tools that do not integrate directly, but can be accessed within Canvas