Course Syllabus on Canvas

1.4 Course Syllabus on Canvas
Learning Outcomes on Canvas

It is expected that the course information released to students on Canvas clearly states what the students are expected to know, understand, and/or be able to demonstrate when they have finished the course.  These are referred to as 'learning outcomes'.

Learning outcomes should be measurable and therefore the assessment should test the students’ ability to demonstrate attainment of the learning outcomes.

Assessment Clarity in the Course Syllabus

Faculty are expected to clearly outline in Canvas, in the course syllabus section, what assessments the students will be asked to complete on the course.  The course syllabus must include a completed assessment table; see the example below:

Assessment type Weighting Group/


Release date of assessment component Deadline/ Time & Date of exam
Class participation 15% Individual n/a n/a
Assignment 20% Individual 15/01/19 01/02/19
Group report 15% Group 02/02/19 15/02/19
Final exam 50% Individual Closed book exam 09:00, 20/03/19

A short assessment summary should be included on Canvas, which outlines in further detail what the students will be expected to do.  For example:

Final Exam:
Your final exam is a 3 hour, closed book exam which will assess your ability to critically evaluate key theories in corporate finance.

Uploading Information to the Course Syllabus - Timescales and Process

Your course syllabus information will be uploaded in Canvas by your course administrator/faculty assistant as follows:

  • Elective courses: 6 weeks before the start of the course
  • Core courses: 7 weeks before the start of the course.

The Assessment team will conduct compliance checks to ensure that your assessment design aligns with School policy.  Core courses are published to students four weeks before the course start date, while electives are published three (and, in the case of a handful of streams, five) weeks before their start date.

The course publication schedule is circulated to Subject Areas well in advance of term start, so that they can plan Canvas course uploads accordingly.

The following sections form the ‘course syllabus’, and need to be populated in Canvas before the course starts:

  • Course summary
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Minimum requirement to pass
  • Credit value
  • Late submissions policy
  • Class participation
  • Attendance requirements
  • Retrieval option – for core only
  • Plagiarism declaration

Students must know from the beginning of a course what the intended learning outcomes are, how they will be assessed, any assessment deadlines and what the minimum requirement to pass is.  These components should not be changed after publication.  However, you do have flexibility to add new materials, resources etc. to each course session as you respond to the needs of the class.

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